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"Over the next five months, Everyday Matters will feature the stories of real people meeting some of the everyday challenges that multiple sclerosis can bring on the path to one's "best life" - and provide tools for you to travel along too!......."

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June Issue of The River- Edition 2 ~ Issue 1

We begin our second year with an batch of interviews in Beyond the Surface with Helene Fischman, JohnnyK, and some of our team. Helene Fischman’s photo-poetry is featured along with the poetry of Brigitte Goetze.

Twowolvz Creations Presents the WOS Book Launch Party

excerpt from WOS-
“Give a girl the correct footwear
and she can conquer the world”

                                        -Bette Midler                                click to enlarge
WOS is a collection of twenty-one stories from women that River interviewed over a three year span. Every story is written with the woman’s voice as if she was sitting next to you telling her story. Some will spark memories while others will be entertaining in their own way.

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A woman’s love for shoes has no boundaries. Million’s of women from all lifestyles and ages, crossing borders around the globe, love shoes. Many of these same women along with countless others enjoy reading stories they can relate to or that entertain them. Women’s Obsession with Shoes encompasses true stories, women, and shoes.
Some Story Titles:
The Case of the Platts
Stiletto Standoff
Bellies and Heels
book excerpt-

Boot Swap with a Queen

Footie Porn Princess
My All in Ones
Cures of Laughter

My relationship with shoes has been a lot like my motto for life,

“It’s an exercise in endurance.”
Wouldn’t you know it turns out there are comfortable shoes out there.
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