Books in Process

Spirit Songs

 Spirit Songs is the story of a woman’s journey of self-discovery on a trail of forgotten roots. A tale of family, honor, and identity as one woman learns she’s Indian and what that means for her and her family.  A collection of poetry along a spiritual journey home spanning time and space.


Ponderings of an Unconventional

A collection of poetry that steers you beyond the box of norm to the everyday thoughts of an unconventional mind pondering the lessons and gifts  of life.
time, space, and realm                                     ]

The Poem that put me on a Marquee.

In August, I entered a poetry contest through The Loft and the Hennepin Theater Trust in Minneapolis for the Made Here Community Art Event. I won and last Friday (sept 27) was the launch and reception. My poem was and continues to be until January displayed on the theaters huge marquee. I feel so honored and want to scream, "my poem is huge downtown Minneapolis/ Holy Shit!"
IMG_0524IMG_0516                                               IMG_0518
      Read the poem
    North and South

My New Book- with Charles

"This week, a poetry book of the extraordinary will be publishing from Twowolvz Press. When spirits touch is a collaboration of two artists in a unique collection of duel poetry and photography. Charles Martin and River Urke bring together their talents with words and eyes of aesthetic flare in this distinctive book of art.    -excerpt from cover 

“When spirits touch” is a call for awareness, a plea for opening our eyes and seeing the world around us, the reality unfolding. It’s poetry and humanity and soul altogether, and it’s worth not only reading, but also experiencing and feeling. -Liliana Negoi

Also available in audio with readings from River, Charles, and five special guests.  Book + CD option

Title: when spirits touch                                              
Duel Poetry with Photography
authors: Charles Martin and River Urke
Publisher: Twowolvz Press
ISBN:   978-0615866604   

Poetry Reading for Upcoming Book with slpmartin and Duel Poetry

**Coming in September 2013 the release of their first Duel Poetry Book with CD, "when the night winds blow." Photography accompanies each poem from either Charlie or River. They take turns reading plus have special guest readers. The CD is optional.

when spirits touch written by Charlie Martin and River Urke

photo by Charlie Martin

reading by River Urke

New Project- Outside Installation - Dreamscape - The Path Home

Over the next year, I will build in pieces an outside installation called Dreamscape. A place inside a space of spiritual between the state of dream and consciousness. Below is the first piece, Dreamscape I.

Dreamscape I

The whole scene (art hanging)

Dreamscape I - Entrance
materials- driftwood, hawk feathers, crescent bone, fake sinew, a crystal bead, and a mix of other natural beads.

Coming Soon.... will be a poem to accompany the piece.


Whats new to my world?

My daughter graduated 7th grade yesterday. What a time n life for both of us. Its such a mix of emotion. I flip back and forth from sad to happy. The part of me that never wants her to grow up is sad and the rest of me is excited for her. I love the person she has grown to be minus all her sass. lol

Then beginning today my book Womens Obsession with Shoes is off on a book blog tour through the Orangeberry Book Tours. Later I will add the schedule. Today it is at Peace from Pieces.

I am almost finished with a new painting I have not yet named. An acrylic of a northern lake/bog with a woman hand drumming.

Below I have added a poem I wrote recently regarding my daughter growing up.

 In the Middle
Through halls of unwritten law,
I walk
with uneven steps
behind footprints of change

to her dramas of song
with no manual or
directions to guide.
I walk a slippery line

trying to keep up
on when she needs love
when to lay down the law.

I see
the girl no more
grown heads above mine
eyeing the tree she once climbed
the child left behind.
© River Urke 2013

A Whirlwind of the Mind

My arms are full of the many pieces that make up my future steps. The future of The River Muse as it flows to print and Twowolvz Press with its chapbooks and Artful Thought Project. Where will they be this time next year?

Where will I be? My Poetry? Art?

Time will only tell as I complete bit by bit the many pieces that make up the goals of the three.

Teaching for Community Education

Stillwater Community Education
Adult Enrichment Class

Leave Your Mark
Learn to Blog

 Do you want to blog but have no idea where to begin?

Are you an arist or musician
In need of a digital portfolio?

It’s easier than you may think
To leave your mark
with words and pictures
Sign up today
one class- two days

When : Wednesday April 17 & 24
time:    6:30 – 8:00 pm
where: Boutwells Landing
                Stillwater, MN

call 651-351-8484 and register for course 4553-1
through the Stillwater Community Education

a Day Class is offered in May

Artist Portfolio

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An Interview by the Stillwater Gazette

Last week, I was interviewed by Avery Cropp from the Stillwater Gazette and the article appeared in their Friday publication. Unstoppable River Urke 

Photo: The printed paper!
           I made the front page.

New Poetry Group at the Junior High

Stillwater Junior High Poetry Club    Begins Monday- 1/14

Twowolvz Creations joins forces with Stillwater Junior High to bring poetry to the 7th and 8th grade students.

A new after school Poetry Club connects with  The Artful Thought Project to foster the imaginations of SJH students.

They will learn to write two forms of poetry, the basics of constructive critique, public speaking (poetry reading), and be published on The River Muse in a special issue. 

The poetry club is a pilot program for the current school year.