An Interview by the Stillwater Gazette

Last week, I was interviewed by Avery Cropp from the Stillwater Gazette and the article appeared in their Friday publication. Unstoppable River Urke 

Photo: The printed paper!
           I made the front page.

New Poetry Group at the Junior High

Stillwater Junior High Poetry Club    Begins Monday- 1/14

Twowolvz Creations joins forces with Stillwater Junior High to bring poetry to the 7th and 8th grade students.

A new after school Poetry Club connects with  The Artful Thought Project to foster the imaginations of SJH students.

They will learn to write two forms of poetry, the basics of constructive critique, public speaking (poetry reading), and be published on The River Muse in a special issue. 

The poetry club is a pilot program for the current school year.