New Project- Outside Installation - Dreamscape - The Path Home

Over the next year, I will build in pieces an outside installation called Dreamscape. A place inside a space of spiritual between the state of dream and consciousness. Below is the first piece, Dreamscape I.

Dreamscape I

The whole scene (art hanging)

Dreamscape I - Entrance
materials- driftwood, hawk feathers, crescent bone, fake sinew, a crystal bead, and a mix of other natural beads.

Coming Soon.... will be a poem to accompany the piece.


Whats new to my world?

My daughter graduated 7th grade yesterday. What a time n life for both of us. Its such a mix of emotion. I flip back and forth from sad to happy. The part of me that never wants her to grow up is sad and the rest of me is excited for her. I love the person she has grown to be minus all her sass. lol

Then beginning today my book Womens Obsession with Shoes is off on a book blog tour through the Orangeberry Book Tours. Later I will add the schedule. Today it is at Peace from Pieces.

I am almost finished with a new painting I have not yet named. An acrylic of a northern lake/bog with a woman hand drumming.

Below I have added a poem I wrote recently regarding my daughter growing up.

 In the Middle
Through halls of unwritten law,
I walk
with uneven steps
behind footprints of change

to her dramas of song
with no manual or
directions to guide.
I walk a slippery line

trying to keep up
on when she needs love
when to lay down the law.

I see
the girl no more
grown heads above mine
eyeing the tree she once climbed
the child left behind.
© River Urke 2013