The Poem that put me on a Marquee.

In August, I entered a poetry contest through The Loft and the Hennepin Theater Trust in Minneapolis for the Made Here Community Art Event. I won and last Friday (sept 27) was the launch and reception. My poem was and continues to be until January displayed on the theaters huge marquee. I feel so honored and want to scream, "my poem is huge downtown Minneapolis/ Holy Shit!"
IMG_0524IMG_0516                                               IMG_0518
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    North and South

My New Book- with Charles

"This week, a poetry book of the extraordinary will be publishing from Twowolvz Press. When spirits touch is a collaboration of two artists in a unique collection of duel poetry and photography. Charles Martin and River Urke bring together their talents with words and eyes of aesthetic flare in this distinctive book of art.    -excerpt from cover 

“When spirits touch” is a call for awareness, a plea for opening our eyes and seeing the world around us, the reality unfolding. It’s poetry and humanity and soul altogether, and it’s worth not only reading, but also experiencing and feeling. -Liliana Negoi

Also available in audio with readings from River, Charles, and five special guests.  Book + CD option

Title: when spirits touch                                              
Duel Poetry with Photography
authors: Charles Martin and River Urke
Publisher: Twowolvz Press
ISBN:   978-0615866604