Upcoming Show- Honoring the Power of Women

An upcoming show at Intermedia Arts that I am part off. My chair honors Mother Earth.

Nibi (Water) Walks, People's Movement Center & Intermedia Arts present

The show is incredible! A must see! It is showing for the month of March.

A PLACE AT THE TABLE (WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AT THE TABLE)A Celebration of the Power of Women through Visual Art, Film, and Performance

Patriarchy, white supremacy, classism, colonization, transphobia, homophobia and fear of the feminine spirit creates erasure of women especially of Women of Color and Indigenous Women as both the survivors of oppression and the artists, thinkers, writers, activists, leaders that transform societies. This is especially timely with both the rise of Black Lives Matter movement and Idle No More. A Place at the Table (We Have Always Been at the Table) is a three-week event honoring and investigating the power of woment through visual art, film, poetry, song, dance, and performance.

A Place at the Table (We Have Always Been at the Table)
Women as Leaders, Creators, Thinkers Transforming Our Worlds
Curated by Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe

Exhibition Dates: March 8-29, 2015

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM to 6PM; Saturdays 12PM to 5PM

Gallery Admission: Sliding scale; $3 per person suggested

An installation honoring and investigating the power of women. A chair altar, a chair universe, a chair history lesson, a chair memorial, a chair honoring. A gathering of chairs, a place at the table because we have always been at this table. This exhibition is a collaboration of many artists making chairs to honor a woman or a movement of women. Featuring work by Faye Brown, Gabrielle Civil, Sharon Day, Jessie Edminster Lawson, Ivoire Foreman, Camille Gage, Allison Herrera, AnaLaura Juarez, Katrina Knutson, Amoke Kubat, Ifrah Mansour, Ayanna Muata, Sandra Spieler, Joy E A Spika and River Maria Urke. More Info

Opening Reception: March 8, 2015 | 6-9PM | Free

Come join artists as we celebrate International Women’s Day.