In Honor of Mother Earth

I designed an installation in honor of Mother for an exhibit currently showing at the Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.  A Place at the Table  is a celebration of the power of women. There are seventeen chairs designed to honor women or a single woman, human or deity.  I documented the process of creating my chair, The Orchid Opens, through photography. If you want to know more about the show look back a few posts. Following the pictures is the poem that started it all. The poem is on the seat of the chair. I am very honored to have been asked to be in the show.

 The Orchid Opens  
“Standing in the moonlight is a creation powerful enough to give life...”
The Orchid Opens is Mother Earth. An installation in honor of the power of women. The orchid symbolizes the sexually of the feminine and the chair represents the Tree of Life.  The top half are the branches and leaves while the lower half is the trunk and upon the seat is a poem portraying Mother Earth. The installation was made with an assortment of materials from paper to paint and beads to cloth. A woman’s power begins with the heartbeat of our mother.
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