Upcoming:::::::::::Steampunk Show

Steampunk: March 19th and 20 
Costume contest at 7 pm on Saturday
Prose and poetry by Scott Vetsch, 7 pm Saturday.

Music by Howard Luedtke and Steve Kaminski at the Ras' on Main, 8-11, Sat.
For more info contact Paulette at lupine.anderson@gmail.com or 715-796-8869.

I will have an art piece in the show plus be part of the costume contest. Below is a sneak peek of the character I created integrated with my art.
she is crossing the bay by steamboat
absorbed in the grey skies and haze.
A distant hum of gears grows louder
as the sea becomes a city of machinery.
She’s back
in the industrial realm of Victorian Punk
with its layers of bustles and chains
miles of cleavage and shady men.

A peculiar place with people
even more bizarre.
A world she’d call home
if she could only explain.......
if she could only explain.... 
River Urke